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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay reveal date confirmed

by: Chapel -
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Mark the date, my friends. EA will be finally showing Star Wars Battlefront's gameplay on June 15, at their E3 presentation.

After what seemed to me false promises of a gameplay trailer last month at the Star Wars Celebration, we actually will get gameplay this time. While the in-engine trailer was great and exciting and all that, it's not really what anybody wants to see. We all want gameplay, and we'll be getting it in exactly a month from now!

In addition to this announcement, a new mode called Squadron Fighter was revealed, which appears to be the reboot's take on space battles. While these battles will not be in space, it does seem that they will be entirely comprised of dogfighting, just within the atmosphere of the planet. I think that's just fine, personally. It may actually end up making it a little more streamlined. I liked the space battles in Battlefront 2, but they were not anywhere close to perfected.

You can read Battlefront's Designer Director Niklas Fegraeus's blog post about these things here.

I will see you guys on the Battlefront on November 17th of this year!


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