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New launch trailer for Destiny expansion - House of Wolves

by: Rob -
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I saw Destiny was down to $29.99 on the PSN yesterday. I played the demo and the visuals, gameplay, and feel was what you would expect from a Bungie product, top notch. However, I have been scared away from actually purchasing the game by my impression of the lack of real content in this MMO world. The end product seems more just a grind over the same levels and enemies for incrementally better loot to build top level weapons and armor. Maybe if the price drops another $10 I'll take the plunge. Otherwise, the expansions are the single best opportunity for Bungie to evolve their game from those negative impressions and actually craft a dynamic world that will reel in players and create the MMO they dreamed of.

To celebrate the release of the second expansion, House of Wolves, a new launch trailer is out, which you'll see below. House of Wolves will be available for download next week, May 19th. It's $24.99 and included in the Expansion Pass. All the info about the game and purchasing is at the official website: http://www.destinythegame.com

Will House of Wolves be the first big step in fulfilling the promise of Destiny's potential?