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Pledge your allegiance to the Outworld Emperor with this incredible statue [Mortal Kombat X]

by: Jeremy -
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In case you haven’t noticed lately, there are a few of us here on the site who are big Mortal Kombat fans. Two of us, in particular, are HUGE fans that have followed the series faithfully since its inception. The staff over at Pop Culture Shock are obviously huge fans too, as they frequently pump out incredible statue creations based on the various characters from the game. Their latest creation is arguably one of the best looking yet.

Pop Culture Shock recently put up preorders for a 1/4 scale Kotal Kahn statue that is available in three different color variants (Sun God, Blood God and War God), each based on his fighting variations from the game, Mortal Kombat X. This thing looks incredible. The statue, which will set you back a cool $425.00 (discounts available with preorder), won’t be available until next May. This monster is 27 inches tall and clocks in at 18 pounds, so don’t expect some plastic figure, you’re paying for a quality piece of art. Diehard fans of the game and the character will definitely want to check this thing out.

Now, if I can just hit the lottery so that I can buy all three...