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Cameron Kuzelman's new game is Epanalepsis and here is the trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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Steampunk is my favorite kind of punk and prominent indie developer, Cameron Kunzelman, maybe likes it also since his new handcrafted game is of the Steampunk persuasion.  

Epanalepsis (which means a sentence, phrase, or clause that begins and ends with the same word) is influenced on a Phillip K. Dick and follows three lives across three timelines - the 1990s, the 2010s, and the 2030s.

Epanalepsis comes out on May 21, and will be available for download from Steam to PC, MAC, or Linux.  Find out more after the jump.

Cyberpunk-Inspired Adventure, Epanalepsis, Coming May 21

May 6, 2015 - One city, six decades, and three people inextricably connected through time.

Cameron Kunzelman presents Epanalepsis, a cyberpunk-inspired tale of the tangled threads woven throughout the unyielding progression of life and technology, coming May 21 to PC, Mac and Linux.


A narrative-driven point-and-click adventure, Epanalepsis explores 60 years of urban life through three characters in the 1990s, 2010s, and 2030s. Each will face problems unique to their time periods, and each will encounter something strange beyond the pale. Will they finally break the cycle?

Epanalepsis Website


As a writer and game designer, Cameron Kunzelman creates video games at the intersections of art, games, and contemporary philosophy. Some of his previous works include the horror game, Catachresis, and Oh No, featuring the disembodied head of Michel Foucault, and Slavoj Žižek Makes A Twine Game, a Twine game about the divisive philosopher creating a game in Twine. His games have been commissioned by The AV Club and shown in a fine-art context.

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Title: Epanalepsis
Developer: Cameron Kunzelman
Publisher: Mastertronic
Genre: Point-and-click Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Release Date: May 21, 2015
Price: TBA