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Farming Simulator 15 console multiplayer trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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I feel like maybe we've hit peak co-op.  We're at co-op capacity so they'll just stick co-op into any old game.  This week, it's the console version of Farming Simulator 15.  The trailer doesn't really indicate how this co-op will work but it does show a lot of fancy farm equipment rumbling about do farmy stuff like hosing mud of a trailer or harvesting corn or wheat or whatever it is - I'm not a farmologist.  Obviously, though, working together will be the key.

Farming Simulator 15 is out for consoles May 19.  Find more details after the jump.  

Farming Simulator on Consoles: The Multiplayer Trailer

Only two weeks left before the release of Farming Simulator 15 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 & Xbox 360!
Farming Simulator 15 releases in two weeks on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Today's video is dedicated to the online cooperative multiplayer mode on PS4 and Xbox One, a first for Farming Simulator on consoles!

Players will finally be able to live the full "Farming experience", the same one that has already enticed on PC over one million playerswith its latest version: all its content, its activities, its vehicles and, on PS4 and Xbox One, the online cooperative multiplayer mode! Inviting other players in your game opens many opportunities for developing your farm: increase your productivity by sharing tasks or cooperating on bigger tasks and develop your farm faster thanks to their help!

Some activities can be more efficiently executed using several vehicles simultaneously. One player driving a tractor equipped with a trailer-container can follow another player driving a combine-harvester and then receive in real-time the crops freshly harvested, so the harvester doesn't need to regularly interrupt his job to clear out its container.

Grab your controllers, because Farming Simulator 15 is scheduled for release on PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® on May 19!

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