Newest Nintendo Direct gives us the full rundown on Splatoon

by: Nathan -
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Mortal Kombat X was my most anticipated game of the year, but now that it's out, I sit here awaiting my second most anticipated game of the year which is Splatoon.

I instantly fell in love with this game when it was announced at E3 last year. No joke, I bought a Nintendo Wii after E3 last year because I said "I need to have this game". The game just looks so adorable and I absolutely love the concept of a shooter that isn't dark and about some type of warfare. 

With the release a few weeks away, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that was dedicated completely to Splatoon and gave a full rundown of all the game modes, the weapons, items, single player and they made some special announcements as well. 

The first was that the game will receive free post-launch content. Throughout the Summer of 2015, Splatoon will receive free updates including new stages, new weapons, game modes and gear. In August, the game will receive a major update and add two additional match making options including the ability for four friends to team up against four enemy players or for eight players to join up and play a four on four match against each other. 

Along with the free updates, the game will also include special events called Splatfests. These themed events will put all Splatoon players onto one of two teams. The first special event will ask players if they like Cats or Dogs. Playing online matches 

Nintendo will also be holding a special beta for the game called the Global Testfire. Right now you can download a special demo of Splatoon from the eShop which will let you play four on four Turf battles. The unfortunate thing however is that the demo will only be available at certain times. The first Testfire event is scheduled from 8-9PM on Friday, May 8th. There will be additional chances to play on Saturday, May 9th from 4-5am (wtf) and 12-1pm

Splatoon launches on May, 29th exclusively for the Wii U. Pre-ordering the game at GameStop will earn you a free DLC code to unlock Splatoon themed costumes in Super Smash Brothers. for Wii U.