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GTA V's Blaine County is pretty much what a Red Dead Redemption II would look like

by: Randy -
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If I were a gambling man, I'd wager that Grand Theft Auto V's Blaine County is a sneak peek into what a Red Dead Redemption II would look like. Thick palm trees, dusty sunsets, hardscrabble scrub brush clinging to rocky valley walls. Heck, you'd hardly have to thin out the powerlines, and it's easy picturing the pickup trucks on the road as the old workhorses they really are. Aside from building materials, the architecture of today's small-town America hasn't evolved much past John Marston's world of 1911.

Ultrabrilliant is at it again, posting a second visual-tourist video of GTA V. The first one focused on the heatwave days and rainy nights of Los Santos. This latest video, again, turns to Blaine County for a mobile-home, cactus-pocked comparison of that city-streaked side of GTA V's world.