This music video might make me reinstall Spore

by: Randy -
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This clean, data-is-beautiful-styled video is a visualization for 20syl's "Back & Forth," directed by Thomas Forthe. The pixels build into voxels, which build into motherboards, which build into the world around us. The splashy, chiptuned dance vibes go all the way up, then come all the way back down.

Reminds me of Will Wright's Spore (Gaming Nexus score 9.1 out of 10) from 2008. Man, has it really been seven years? Spore was a game that couldn't live up to its monumental, crowd-hyped expectations, but I'll tell you what: No game since has even tried to match its scale and scope. I feel like I got more out of it than most critics.

Regardless, the way this music video's camera keeps pulling back, revealing a continually embiggening universe, is what made Spore pop into my head.

[via Booooooom]