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NetherRealms newest Kombat Kast gives the full down on Jason Vorhees

by: Nathan -
More On: Mortal Kombat X

Jason will be slashing his way into Mortal Kombat X tomorrow (next Tuesday if you don't own the Kombat Pack) and NetherRealm Studios held a Kombat Kast today to show off all of his variations. 

Here is a quick rundown of his variations as it's listed in game. 

Slasher - Gains Bloodshed, Machete Toss and Psycho Slash

Relentless - Gains Pursuit and Lake Mist

Unstoppable - Gains Punishment, Rise and Resurrection

I have to say that NetherRealm put a lot of time and effort into Jason because there are tons of small touches that really make him feel like he came directly out of the movies. His Fatality is amazing as there is music in it which feels like it was directly ripped out of one of the 80's movies. 

NetherRealm then ran down his variations and special moves. One of the coolest universal moves that Jason has is the ability to give himself armor that will prevent himself from being hit. He can still take damage but this will allow himself to walk right up to an opponent as they are attacking and start a combo. The downside is that he will go into a "sleep and awake" period after the armor wears off which leaves him wide open to attack. 

In his Slasher variation, Jason wields his trademark machete and uses it in a variety of attacks. He can even throw his machete as a melee attack.

His Relentless variation allows him to teleport behind his opponent which can then open them to huge command grabs. 

His final variation, and my favorite, is the Unstoppable variation. In his Unstoppable variation, he can active buffs which either allow him to regain health, or deal more damage to his opponents. He also has an amazing passive ability. If Jason dies, he will also wake back up and regain health based on how many bars of meter he has left. This will only happen once per round but basically gives you a second chance to win each round. 

I am a HUGE Friday The 13th fan and I have been so hyped for Jason ever since he was announced. I already have a couple of mains in Mortal Kombat X including Mileena and Erron Black but I will absolutely be adding Jason to my arsenal tomorrow. 

You can check out the full Kombat Kast below.