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Jason makes brutal debut in new MK X trailer

by: Jeremy -
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It has only been a few weeks since the awesome Mortal Kombat X hit the shelves and the roster is already growing. This week will see the addition of Jason Voorhees, of Friday the 13th fame, join the fray for owners of the game’s Kombat Pack. He will be added tomorrow on all platforms and everyone else will be able to purchase him separately next week.

NetherRealm has finally given us a glimpse of Jason’s gameplay in a new trailer that was released this morning, and I have to say that I am quite impressed. As for his style, he appears to be more of a grappler which is exactly what I expected. However, I was not expecting him to include unique pre-fight banter with the characters in the game. This small detail to the experience has proven to be an incredibly entertaining part of the MK X experience and I am glad to see the developers continuing to add to it with the new characters.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out on the NetherRealm Studios Twitch channel this after noon as they will be hosting a special edition of the Kombat Kast which will highlight Jason. We will likely be getting a complete breakdown of all of his variations and at least one of his fatalities.

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