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FIFA Ultimate Team TOTW 33: Higuain, Terry, and Lavezzi top a solid week.

by: Sean Cahill -
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Week 33 of FIFA 15's Ultimate Team TOTW has some great pieces to pick up for those who are looking to fill out an Argentine squad as Gonzalo Higuain and Ezekiel Lavezzi can be nabbed this week.  Higuain, who has enjoyed a good spell at Napoli, comes in at an 89 overall with a blistering 93 shooting rating.  Lavezzi, who may be moving on from current club Paris Saint-Germain, checks in at an 83 overall.  His 88 pace and 87 dribbling ratings are a must have out on the wing.  Chelsea captain John Terry, who will more than likely be celebrating a Barclay's Premier League title this weekend, slots in at an 85 overall.  While his pace is still incredibly slow, those who build around three center-back formations should include him in their squad with a fantastic 89 defense rating.

As always, this group of cards will be available until Wednesday 6pm UK time.