This War of Mine update adds new locations, new music, a scenario editor and the long awaited character creator

by: Nathan -
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The War of Mine was an incredible game when it first released and the game just keeps getting better with each new update. The latest update (1.3) is adding a ton of new features, some of which the community has been wanting for quite some time. 

The bit of content coming out of the update are two new areas for players to explore when scavenging for food and supplies. The Gas Station and the Old Town will become new areas to explore and both of which, have sadly been ravaged when the war began. 

The next big update is the scenario editor. The War of Mine already features tons of scenarios to play from, some which are more difficult than others, but now players will be able to create their own scenarios and choose from various conditions such as when winter comes, how harsh winter will be, what characters you start with, how many days until cease fire and more. 

Finally, This War of Mine will allow you to be able to create your own story as they will be introducing a character editor. The character editor will allow you to choose a character model, give them a name, type in their biography and you can even choose your own pictures if you want to see yourself, your friends or your family in the game. 

Man, if this were any other game, adding in your friends and family would be awesome but I'm not sure I could ever bring myself to do so with how depressing this game is. No matter how many times I play it, it still affects me.