Batman: Arkham Knight's All Who Follow You trailer shows off a new feature

by: John -
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Some allies will be showing up in Batman: Arkham Knight and they look like they're going to offer up a lot more help this time around. The trailer's got some nice action to it, but what stood out to me was seeing the likes of Robin and Catwoman teaming up with Batman and performing combo moves together. I'd love to have a companion come with me this time around and from what I read, you can seamlessly switch between allies and Batman during a fight.

As a big fan of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City (we won't mention Arkham Origins), I'm really hyped for this final installment in the series. Rocksteady has proven they can do a great Batman game having done it twice. I'm hoping lightning strikes one more time for this game and we'll have a great send off for Rocksteady and Batman.