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Ultrabrilliant does Los Santos

by: Randy -
More On: Grand Theft Auto V

Man, Ultrabrilliant, where have you been? You've been hiding out for, what, four months now? Then you crawl back out with a video tour of Grand Theft Auto V? Oh well. I ain't even mad. This is another great visual cruise through another gameworld—this time it's Rockstar's L.A., also known as Los Santos. These shots clip from day to night, night to day. And I see how much you're in love with the rain effects in GTA V, Ultrabrilliant. I see how you take it from the palm trees to the oil derricks, from the beaches to the suburbs, and from the freeways to the freight lines.

I could watch your stuff for days, Ultrabrilliant, even though your videos are never longer than a song. Nice work as always, regardless. Don't leave us hanging another four months for the next one.