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Russia's fiercest tanks come to life in latest update to World of Tanks

by: Sean Cahill -
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The Siberian Wolf Pack.  If there is a cooler name for a DLC out there, I'd like to see it. is pushing forward with the next DLC package that features some of Russia's fiercest and deadliest tanks in World of Tanks.

As mentioned above, The Siberian Wolf Pack update delivers an alternate line of medium tanks: the A-43, the A-44, the Object 140 and the Object 430 II, creating a new branch of USSR tank fire power. The A-43 is an agile and light medium tank great for the high-speed sneak attack. Adept at flanking, the A-43 is most lethal when attacking the vulnerable sides of their enemies. Next in line is the A-44, a tank that deals a respectable amount of damage; if it cannot out gun an opponent, its deflecting armor angle provides supreme defense against incoming shells. Not to be outdone, the Object 140 and the Object 430 tanks each bring the opportunity for unique battle strategies to your growing arsenal.

The trailer below displays just what players can expect with the new line of Russian powerhouses, and they will be available soon.

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