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FIFA Ultimate Team TOTW 32: A wild Eden Hazard appears!

by: Sean Cahill -
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It's the week of April 22, and it's hard to believe that this will be the first week that Eden Hazard appears in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.  The current front-runner for Player of the Year in the Barclay's Premier League on league leaders Chelsea FC has inexplicably never been picked as an in-form player by EA Sports until this week, yet it's almost a guarantee that he's going to be on the BPL Team of the Year.  Hazard's stats check in at a blistering 90 Pace and 93 Dribbling, making him a dangerous addition on the left.  The rest of the team features solid additions such as Claudio Bravo from FC Barcelona, but nothing truly stands out like Hazard does.

As always, these cards will be available until 6PM UK time next Wednesday.