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Ah Puch and tons of goodies are coming in the next SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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SMITE's newest patch was revealed today and brings with it Ah Puch (Awe-Pwash), the Mayan Horrific God of Decay some amazing new skins and the ability to participate in the SMITE fantasy league.


First up is Ah Puch and I cannot wait to try this guy out as he has one of the coolest kits I have ever seen released for a SMITE god. Ah Puch is another god that is great for counter picking against the enemy team. 

Ah Puch's abilities involve him throwing out undead zombies at his opponents, creating an explosion where the zombies land, and the ability to raise zombies in a target area to deal damage overtime and stun enemies that are healing. His ultimate however is absolutely incredible. His ultimate called "Empty The Crypts" and he does just take. He sends forth a massive army of wraiths that deal damage every time they hit an enemy. The aoe of this ability is massive and can reach the entire lane! 

For a full rundown of Ah Puch's abilities and to get some insight on how the developers made him, be sure to check out Hi-Rez's latest Dev Insight. 

Next up we have the SMITE 2015 Season Ticket. The way this works is that if you purchase a season ticket you will earn two SPL Xbalanque skins, a unique loading frame and access to the SPL Fantasy game. Playing the SPL Fantasy game can earn you rewards including the "Executioner" Nemesis skin and the "Void Wyrm" Kukulkan skin. Here is how you play. Each week players will guess who they think will win the upcoming SMITE Pro League matches. Guessing correctly earns you 20 points. You can also earn points by playing and winning matches using the special loading frame. When you reach a certain amount of points, you will earn rewards. 

Speaking of special skins, this patch also brings a new tier 2 skin for Serqet and an absolutely amazing premium skin for Bastet, "Kawaii Pop Bastet". Just look at the loading card below, it's amazing. 

For the full list of patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official Reddit page.

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