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If you stream on Youtube or Twitch, DO NOT install GTA V while streaming

by: Nathan -
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So Grand Theft Auto V has finally hit the PC and tons of online personalities are ready to fire up their streaming service of choice and start playing GTA for the world to see. Well, that is of course if they didn't install the game while streaming.

It seems that some gamers are having their activation keys stolen as they are setting up the game. When installing the game, the activiation key flashes on the screen and if gamers that were watching the stream were quick enough, they could snag the key before the owner could enter it. You can see one of these videos below. 

It's quite unfortunate for those who did get their codes stolen but at the same time, I can't really feel sorry for them. This isn't the fault of Steam or Rockstar at all. You might as well show the front and back of your credit card on the screen while you are at it as well. Moral of the story, DO NOT stream for a huge audience while installing a PC game.