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GOG.com's Bundle Tower gives up to 85% off new bundles daily

by: Russell -
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GOG.com has shown time and time again that Steam isn't the only digital game provider that has awesome sales.  Today begins what they're calling the Bundle Tower.  For six days there will be new bundles on sale every twenty-four hours for up to 85% off.  Today's bundles are "Hasbro D&D Immortals", "Divinity Trilogy", "Lucasfilm Adventures", and "Broken Sword Saga", each bundle being 70 to 80% off.

These bundles will go until the sale ends on April 19th at 12:59pm GMT, but each day a new "floor" of the tower opens up with up to four new bundles.  There will also be a "mystery final offer", so be sure to hit up GOG.com everyday to check out the new deals.  I don't know about you, but payday can't get hear soon enough.