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These 8-bit cityscapes make up the city-building video game of my dreams

by: Randy -
More On: Cities: Skylines

For some time I've wanted an 8- to 16-bit city-building sim. Something like a SimCity 2000 (obvs) that gives me a boots-on-the-ground streetview, too. Or even a 2-D sidescrolling city builder. The technical design sounds impossible. Look, I don't know how to build anything like that, I'm just an idea guy.

So, I'll wait patiently until that game comes along—though it doesn't appear that anybody's working on it, unless somebody mods the heck out of Cities: Skylines. [Gaming Nexus score 9.5 out of 10.]

For now, here are some 8-bit cities from artist 8beaten. Visit his Nice Bitt tumblr to see these images in all their pulsating GIF glory (and turn up your speakers for the chiptuned tracks). These are all glittering shots of New York, Tokyo, London, and Washington.