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Mobile version of Mortal Kombat X is now available for iOS devices

by: Nathan -
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Mortal Kombat X will be arriving on consoles next week, but you can start playing the game on your iOS device right now. The free to play game is currently available on iOS devices although I have read reports from some gamers on Mortal Kombat forums that they are having trouble downloading the game. NetherRealm never said when the game would be released but it sounded like the game would have been released next week along side the console versions. Maybe the game was accidentally released early. 

If you played the Injustice or WWE Immortals mobile apps, you'll know what you are getting here as MKX uses the same tap and swipe mechanics. The cool thing though about the MKX mobile game is that you can contribute points to your factions by playing the game and you can unlock costumes for the console version including Ninja Mime Johnny Cage, Farmer Jax and MK2 Kitana and Mileena. 

A word of warning, to play the game you need an iPod, iPad or iPhone 5th gen or higher to play and this game will drain your battery life like crazy. Make sure you are fully charged or plugged in before playing.