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Rockstar deals with multiplayer exploit in a very fitting way

by: Chapel -
More On: Grand Theft Auto V

In the singleplayer mode in GTA V, there is a vehicle called the Dukes O'Death. It's heavily armored and nearly indestructible, something that would obviously give online players an advantage. Apparently, exploiters found a way to get the car into GTA Online so they could make use of that advantage, and rather than just banning players or removing the car, Rockstar has elected to make the car explode every time it's owner gets inside.

Obviously cheating is bad, and should be done away with in a timely fashion. I personally think that this is hilarious; the punishment fits the crime, in a way. But on the Reddit article I saw about it, there was some question as to whether or not this was the right way to go about addressing the issue. Mostly people were saying that since the car obviously has demand, it should be added into the online component, and that should be the way the hack is dealt with.

It doesn't really seem like a big deal to me, but what do you guys think? You can watch the hilarious results of the patch below.