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Latest Mortal Kombat X live stream shows off Kenshi and Sonya

by: Nathan -
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NetherRealm Studios held a new MKast yesterday and showed off the variations of two more characters joining the Mortal Kombat X roster. 

The first character they showed off was Kenshi, and he looks like he is going to be as annoying as ever to play against. Kenshi was probably my worst match up in MK9 with players constantly spamming zoning me out with all his TK attacks. This time around, he has all his TK attacks back but what makes him interesting is all his special abilities change depending on what variation you are using. 

  • Balanced - Gains the ability to project images of himself to attack.
  • Possessed - Gains the ability to summon demons from his shattered blade.
  • Kenjutsu - Gains telekinectic push, slam and toss.

Also returning in Mortal Kombat X is the original Special Forces agent, Sonya. Sonya in my opinion has gotten the biggest change out of all the returning characters so far. She still has her energy rings and her leg grab, but her variations turn her into a completely new character in my opinion. 

  • Covert Ops - Gains the garrote parry and military stance.
  • Special Forces - Call in a Special Forces drone for additional attacks.
  • Demolition - Gains various explosive and disruptor grenades. 

Another interesting thing of note is that Sonya performed her X-Ray which then ended the game because it ended with a Brutality. In a way, it seems like this is Mortal Kombat's version of a Ultra Combo. This adds and extra layer to the game as you may want to hold onto your X-Ray and then use it to end the game instead of using it early to do major damage. 

NetherRealm also showed off the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X which will be free to play. The game plays like the Injustice mobile game but they have added some new features as well. The mobile version of the game will also contain the Faction Wars system which allows you to contribute to your faction while on the go. The mobile game will also have rewards including exclusive skins such as Ninja Mime Johnny Cage and Farmer Jax. 

As Jeremy mentioned earlier, NetherRealm will be holding a huge five hour stream tomorrow night which will feature the first public showing of Goro. NetherRealm will also hold the final pre-release stream next Thursday where they will be showing off Jaqui and Jax. 

The wait is almost over. Mortal Kombat X hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 14th.