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Bastion on PS4 next week! So look at these Bastion screens again! Just look at them!

by: Randy -
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In the year 30XX, people will still be all like, "Bastion is nice yo." Supergiant's magnum opus comes to PlayStation 4 next week, April 7, so there's no better time to take one more visual tour through its action-heavy, art-massive, story-beautiful, narrative-rich, musically bold world. [Gaming Nexus score 9 out of 10.]

It'll be four years old this summer, but it'll never be too late to join the conversation around Bastion; it'll never be a bad time to think back on its huge—its supergiant—imagination.

Jen Zee, Art Director at Supergiant Games, has a wonderful portfolio spanning not only Bastion, but Transistor (natch, being Supergiant's second game), Gaia Online, Lord of the Rings, Call of Cthulhu, and Warhammer.

When I look at these screens, though, I don't just stop where my eyes settle on the page. I look at the screens' periphery. I look at how far out she pushes the details, how far-reaching her brush is, how she never gets lazy, but still knows just when to pull back, to rein it back in. Man.