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NetherRealm prepares all-out stream for Mortal Kombat X... with Goro

by: Jeremy -
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NeatherRealm’s various Mortal Kombat X streams over the past couple of week’s have been extremely informative. They have been great sources of information with detailed character and feature reveals for the upcoming game. Now that we are within 2 weeks of the game’s launch, the NetherRealm crew is headed to Twitch headquarters for a huge streaming event this weekend, complete with special guests, prizes, and the long awaited reveal of Goro gameplay!

The stream goes live this Saturday, April 4 from 1pm - 6pm PST. The event is being held in cooperation with Amazon games and will be available on /amazongames and through the newly launched Goro Lives website.

We will be keeping an eye on things and updating throughout the weekend with the latest news.