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Mewtwo coming to Smash in April...and another character returns in June

by: Russell -
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A while back it was announced that players who registered both versions of Super Smash Bros. prior to March 31st would receive Mewtwo as a DLC character.  In today's Nintendo Direct not only was a new Mewtwo trailer shown but also his release date...s.  If you took part in the Club Nintendo promotion, you'll be able to download Mewtwo on April 15th.  Everyone else will have to wait a couple of more weeks until April 28th.

However, Mewtwo wasn't the only character shown off today as we also got to see a trailer for another returning character: Lucas.  Like Ness, Lucas comes from the Earthbound/Mother series but unlike Ness, Lucas didn't debut in Super Smash Bros. until Brawl.  Lucas will be available as DLC sometime in June.

For more Smash Bros. info as well as everything else in today's Nintendo Direct, head on over to YouTube (the Smash info is conveniently right at the start).


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