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New Star Wars Battlefront trailer will be released April 17

by: Chapel -
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No joke, I had a dream about this game last night. In my dream, I was trying to get some work done, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to get back to playing Battlefront.

That's how I excited I am for this game.

And lo and behold, just a few hours after that dream they announce the release of the reveal trailer for Battlefront: April 17th, 10:30 AM PST. It will be shown at the Star Wars Celebration event as well, and it's unclear if it will be released online at the same time it's shown at the convention or not. All I needed to know was that it will be released online that day. Gameplay will be shown behind closed doors at the convention as well; here's hoping someone will risk their jobs to leak it online (not really, don't do that guys)!

Get hype for release this coming holiday season. I've been waiting for this game for 9 years, but the homestretch is killing me!

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