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Rainbow Six Siege Operator Trailer released, my excitement is building

by: Chapel -
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Xbox released a new trailer for Rainbow Six Siege on their YouTube channel today. The trailer on the operators. It shows us some glimpses of the different specializations and roles of the operators, from destroying walls with a sledgehammer to deploying mobile cover and setting explosive charges. It looks pretty great.

I have been skeptical of Siege since its announcement; the idea that it would be focused on indoors close quarter combat was interesting, but seemed very limiting as well. The more I see of the gameplay, the faster my worries are deteriorating. I'm a huge Rainbow Six fan, and this seems like it will not only be another solid entry, but really bring some new and interesting twists to the table.

Siege is due out at some time this year. And keep in mind you can pre-order for beta access, if you so desire. 

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