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GN Wrestlemania Simulation Wrap-up: How did we fair?

by: Jeremy -
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Aw, the Monday after Wrestlemania.

That means that we are likely to see a bunch of superstars get “future endeavored”, tonight’s RAW crowd is likely to be incredibly raucous, and that it is time to see how last week’s simulated matches in WWE 2K15 faired compared to the actual event.

Match 1: Cena versus Rusev

The first match we simulated through the game was Rusev’s defense of the United States Championship against John Cena. The game predicted that Cena would end up claiming his fourth U.S title and I was really hoping that this one wouldn’t turn out to be the actual result. In the end, that is exactly what happened last night. Cena is now the king of the midcard!

Match 2: Lesnar versus Reigns

According to WWE 2K15, Lesnar was supposed to handle Reigns in pretty easy fashion, and technically that is what happened last night. Lesnar would have, and should have taken the match, but an unexpected Money in the Bank cash in by Seth Rollins turned the match into a triple threat. As usual, the man with the briefcase ended up on top and Seth Rollins walked out of Wrestlemania with his first Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 3: Undertaker versus Bray Wyatt

Last year’s crippling defeat by Brock Lesnar had the game believing that Bray Wyatt would lay the Deadman to rest this year. I’ll be honest, as a huge Wyatt follower, I hoped the same would come to fruition last night. Instead, the Undertaker showed that he still has a bit of life left in him and managed to reclaim his title as the true face of fear in the WWE. Plus, it is worth noting that he was heavily featured in the promotional commercials for Wrestlemania 32 last night, so maybe there is a little more gas left in the tank than I give him credit for.

Match 4: Triple H versus Sting

Considering it has taken more than 15 years to get Sting to come to the WWE, I would have never imagined that he would lose his first match, let alone Wrestlemania appearance. The PS4 version of the game felt that things would go the way of the company’s COO, Triple H. After an insane sequence of events that included Degeneration X facing off against the original NWO, bats clashing with sledgehammers, and an insane bruise on the back of Hunter’s leg (seriously, it was alarming and came out of nowhere), that is exactly what happened. I never would have predicted this one.

In the end, it looks as though the simulation process was 2 / 2. Although I would like to note that the match that we ended up scrapping, the Intercontinental Ladder match, was correctly called by the game as Daniel Bryan did walk out of the night as champ. That tips the scales in favor of the game and perhaps we will have to look at doing more simulations with future events.

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