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Glorious PC Gaming Master Race 4K screenshots of GTA V

by: Randy -
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Screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V still amaze me. These 15 new images are all at 4K resolution for you PC Master Race folks out there. In every shot, there's something astounding, whether it's technical prowess or developer imagination going into the frame.

For instance, Franklin in a muscle car with the skyline reflecting in the hood. Each and every vehicle and city light brightening up the twilight, like stars on the ground. Fire in a trailer park, a tire swing on a cliffside, and seaspray  shooting up at a lighthouse. Or even the crescent moon over the Vinewood sign in the background, the white sun rays warming up beds of forest wildflowers, or even the underwhelming tourist fashions stumbling along the Walk of Fame.

Fingers crossed, we've survived the last of the delays, and GTA V comes to PC on April 14.