Wii News Channel early .... and awesome

by: Ben Berry -
More On: Wii

Once again, Nintendo has given us a present a day early. Much like the Weather Channel, the New Channel debuted a day early. The much discussed "global browser" works exactly like the Weather Channel, except that instead of forcasts, you get tasy bits of news (currently only from the Associated Press). Currently, only a few categories of news are supported, but they're the main ones you'll be reading anyways. With the exception of the fascinating information provided by Gaming Nexus (no that wasn't a self-serving plug, you're imagining things), you may be able to further forgoe use of your television for anything other than the display of Wii goodness.

My favorite feature thus far is zooming in and out of articles. Instead of just making the font bigger, words actually "jump" around on the screen to reorganize the text to fit in the half-screen text box when the text is enlarged. Well that and just watching Antarctica, waiting for news updates from the Penguins in igloo shaped broadcast booth.