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GN Wrestlemania XXXI Simulation: Lesnar versus Reigns

by: Jeremy -
More On: WWE 2K15

We’re one day closer to Wrestlemania and we have yet another match to simulate using 2K Sports’s WWE 2K15. Today we’re going to look at the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar defending his undisputed title against Roman Reigns. Lesnar is definitely on a roll given his record since obtaining the title, which he did by completely decimating John Cena back at Summerslam.

Check out the video below to see just how WWE 2K15 predicts this match will go.

NOTE: I mentioned yesterday that we were going to simulate the five biggest matches from this year’s event, but we are going to have to drop that to four. We attempted to simulate the Intercontinental Ladder Match but ran into a variety of technical difficulties. First off, the game only supports 6 characters in the ring, versus the actual seven in the match, the IC title couldn’t be defended with this many people in a Ladder Match, and the match itself was a technical mess. The flaws with the game’s physics really showed through with six superstars and two ladders flying all over the screen. It was an absolute mess, although Daniel Bryan did end up winning.


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