The newest SMITE goddess has been written in stone. Medusa finally hits the battleground of the gods

by: Nathan -
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The time has finally come. The SMITE community has been waiting for this day for a long time and it was finally come. Medusa is finally making her way into SMITE in the newest patch. Medusa will be a hunter and her kit is incredibly burst heavy.

She can shoot out vipers in rapid succession which deals damage over time. She can shoot acid when will deal splash damage and she can dash forward and lacerate opponents which can also do damage over time. Then of course there is her Ultimate ability. She takes off her mask, reveals her horrifying face and then delivers a massive blasts which does damage and stuns enemies if they are looking at her. If this ability kills an opponent, they are turned into stone and remains there as a reminder to the rest of her opponents. The cool thing about the stone statues is that you can splash acid off them as well. 

To read up about all of Medusa's abilities and how the developmental team came up with her design, be sure to check out the latest Dev Talk. 

SMITE is also getting some badass new skins as well. First up are two brand new tier two items including "Wrath of Valhalla" Thor and "Warforged" Vulcan. Next up is a special skin to represent how much SMITE has grown in the country of France. Athena will be getting a "Liberté" skin. Finally, the big baby himself, Vamana gets "Cangeraceiro" Vamana.

SMITE is also celebrating it's one year anniversary this week with tons of sales and this week all of your log in bonuses are doubled.

To check out the full list of patch notes, be sure to check out their official Reddit page.