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GN Wrestlemania XIII Simulation - Rusev versus Cena

by: Jeremy -
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This is a big week for wrestling fans, which quite a few of us here at the site happen to be. This coming Sunday is the annual event that all wrestling fans look forward to and the one event every single pro wrestler aspires to be a part of: Wrestlemania. It seems like all of the other big sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the World Series get gaming-related simulations, so why not Wrestlemania?

This year we have decided to do just that and simulate some of the biggest matches of this year’s event. Can the latest wrestling game on the market (WWE 2K15) do a good job at predicting what will happen at the “grandest stage of them all”? Let’s find out.

We’re going to sim five matches from this year’s show, starting with The Superior Athlete and United States Champion, Rusev, defending his title against John Cena. Rusev left Cena unconscious in the middle of the ring the last time these two faced off for the title, at last month’s Fastlane PPV. Will that happen again or can Cena capture his fourth United States championship? Check out the video below to see what WWE 2K15 for the PS4 predicts will happen and we will follow up next week with a comparison to what actually happens in Santa Clara on Sunday.

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