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Special tournament underway in FIFA Ultimate Team

by: Sean Cahill -
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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players need to prepare themselves this week:  A huge tournament is underway online.  The prize?  A chance at a 99 Cristiano Ronaldo card, featuring a ridiculous 98 Pace, 99 Shooting, 99 Dribbling, and 90 Passing.  Lionel Messi will have a 95 overall card also available that is capped off by 95 Pace and 97 Dribbling.  The tournament requires a 5-star team with 100 chemistry, which is fairly simple to get and you should already have if you've been playing any amount of decent time with FUT.  Tournament is already underway and will end on March 29.

The online version of the tournament will pay 15,000 coins and one untradeable rare player pack.  The offline version will have the same pack but only 7,000 coins and will be played on World Class difficulty.