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2K celebrates ten year anniversary with a huge Steam sale

by: Russell -
More On: BioShock Duke Nukem Forever Borderlands Borderlands 2 Evolve

If there's anything that's going to make me go broke, it's Steam sales.  Thankfully I pretty much have all of the games I'd want from this sale already so my wallet can stay happy.  However, there are several really good sales right now as a lot of the 2K catalog is up to 80% off, including all three Bioshock games for just over ten dollars, Borderlands Game of the Year Edition AND Borderlands 2 for $10, Evolve for $44.95, and Duke Nukem Forever for still not cheap enough for me to pick up (for the record it's on sale for $6.50).

The sale lasts through the weekend, so head on over to Steam and pick up some great games for some great deals.