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Whips, sais, and surprises in the latest Kombat Kast for Mortal Kombat X

by: Nathan -
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NetherRealm Studios held another Kombat Kast today and showed off tons of new stuff for Mortal Kombat X

The first thing they showed off was three brand new characters including Mileena, Takeda and Kung Jin. Out of all the three, Takeda looks incredible and utilizing awesome whip attacks and borrows a couple of moves from Scorpion as well. On a side not, I think whomever designed Takeda is a fan of Legend of Korra because he really reminds me of Lin and the Metal Benders. Also, as someone that played a ton of Mileena in Mortal Kombat 9, I was very happy with her variations and how she turned out.

Here is a rundown of all of their variations 


  • Ethereal - Gains ability to teleport forward, backward or in place 
  • Ravenous - Gains high/low pounce and additional biting attacks
  • Piercing - Gains unique attacks utilizing her sais  


  • Shirai Ryu - Gains Shirai Ryu inspired attacks such as Quick Phase 
  • Lasher - Gains attacks utilizing energy charged whips 
  • Ronin  - Gains attacks utilizing dual pulse blades

Kung Jin

  • Ancestral - Gains the ability to empower arrows with ancestral spirits
  • Bojutsu - Gains unique staff based special attacks
  • Shaolin - Gains chakram based normal and special attacks

NetherRealm then took us through a couple of Mortal Kombat X's game modes. The first they showed off was Test Your Luck, which returns from Mortal Kombat 9. This time around you can select how many modifiers you want in the match. There are over 100 different modifiers in the game as well. 

In the first match we saw Portal Kombat (portals appear on the map that you'll fall through and take damage), Infinite Timer, No Enhanced Specials and Curse of Sloth which made the players move slowly at certain intervals in the match. 

The other game mode they showed off what a variation of Test You Luck called Kustom Kombat where you get to choose what modifiers you want in the match instead of it being at random. These modifiers can be unlocked via their Living Towers game mode. 

Now, something the community has asked for is a way to deal with salty rage quitters online. While they won't be punished. The person who didn't rage quit will win the match in style. Now if someone rage quits online, their head with explode and the other player will be awarded with a "Quitality". 

Some other information we got is that Mortal Kombat X will support your old fight sticks including the MK9 and Injustice fight sticks. However, I did notice in the stream they kept saying "If you have a PS4" when saying that they would support fight sticks. Honestly, I don't know if they will support the old sticks for Xbox One just yet. Hopefully they have something planned for that. 

Mortal Kombat X is only a mere 25 days away and the more they do these Kombat Kasts, the more excited I get. I'm still salty about the roster, especially since Jax is looking more and more like a playable character, but I am a huge Mortal Kombat fanatic so I am sure I will have plenty of fun with it.