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Upcoming patch for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel fixes a huge issue: respawnable bosses

by: Russell -
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So it's not much of a secret that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel isn't as good as it's predecessor...sequel...Borderlands 2.  When I reviewed the game I gave it a 9 and I still stand by that rating.  I enjoyed the game, but I'll admit that I didn't have the time to do everything the game had to offer.  In other words, there's one area that my review didn't really touch: the end-game.

What is there to do once you're done?  At first, nothing after you've cleared True Vault Hunter Mode.  Well since then we've seen a couple of DLC packs that have given us two new characters, a level cap increase, Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and the Holodome which I've heard isn't all that great.  We're about to get a massive DLC campaign in the Claptastic Voyage that also includes another level cap increase.  However, if you like to grind for those Legendaries you've likely ran into a tiny problem; the bosses don't respawn...until now.  Well, the 24th really.

A patch coming out on March 24th (the same day that Claptastic Voyage and Borderlands: Handsome Edition launch) that, among other things, makes a lot of the bosses respawn once you leave and re-enter the area, similar to the past games.  Sadly not all bosses will respawn (including Zarpadon, but her loot pool will be added to The Sentinel), but this is definitely a start.  There are a lot more fixes included in this patch, so head over to Gearbox's site for the complete list.