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Awesomenauts assemble massive update on PS4

by: Nathaniel -
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The Frozen Frontier is the latest update for Awesomenauts on the PS4.  It contains a new map, a new character, a shop system, and many other changes.

If you want a full detailing of the the patch that accompanies the Frozen Frontier, you can find it right here.

Some highlights of the new content includes the new playable character called The Scoop of Justice.  His Frozen Hammer traps baddies in ice, and the Bindings of Justice allow him to heal himself.

Zork's Mega Shop replaces the old loadout feature and you will now be able to select from you whole arsenal DURING the match.

AI Station 205 has replaced AI Station 404.  It features two lanes and has an Inferno Generator at the center.

Finally, you can play against many new community-created AIs.  These bots are much tougher than the earlier bots.

Awesomenauts - The Frozen Frontier is available right now.