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Newest SMITE patch brings with it tons of new skins

by: Nathan -
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SMITE got a small patch this week but brought with it a bunch of new skins including the long awaited COG Scylla skin, celebrating their victory at the 2015 SMITE World Championship. 

Serqet also gets a brand new Steampunk themed skin called "Madame Serqet" 

Also two brand new types of skins were introduced into the patch. These skins, "Valkryie" Freya and "Ravenous" Bakasura are skins which are more based on a characters lore. These new skins are called Tier 2 skins and have been introduced in the new skin tier system. There has always been some confusion as to why certain skins cost more than other and this should help the community.

Here is a rundown of how skins will ranked from now on.

Tier 1 Skins:

  • 100 Gems or 9500 Favor. Color Change or “Recolor” version of the base model.

Tier 2 Skins:

  • 250 Gems. Minor model changes and upgrades. Uses the gods original theme and voice pack. Example: Valkyrie Freya.

Tier 3 Skin:

  • 400 Gems. New theme and model changes. May have minor special FX, minor animation changes, and often has a custom voice pack. Example: Blind Vengeance Nemesis.

Tier 4 Skin:

  • 600 Gems. New theme, model changes, major animation changes, new special FX, and always has a custom voice pack. Example: HeBro He Bo, Elite Agent Apollo.

Tier 5 Skin:

  • Special limited edition skins, like Archon Thanatos

Finally, your new god rotation is Ao Kuang, Bacchus, Cupid, Osiris, Bastet. 

For a full rundown of all of the patch notes, including the buffs and nerfs (get rekt Bellona) be sure to check out SMITE's official Reddit page.



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