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Dark Horse is taking Plants vs. Zombies to the comic world

by: Jeremy -
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Dark Horse has announced that they are taking the oh-so-popular Plants vs. Zombies to a new media market this year: the comic book! They are teaming up with PopCap Games to begin a new, ongoing comic miniseries that will hit stores this coming June.

Plants vs. Zombies: Bully for You is written by Paul Tobin and drawn by Ron Chan. The series will chronicle the adventures of Nate, Patrica, and Crazy Dave as they investigate a mysterious college campus riddled with zombie-crime. The tales will also feature a variety of guest artists and writers in future issues as the crime-filled past of Dr. Zomboss is explored.

Dark Horse will also be releasing The Art of Plants vs. Zombies this Spring as well, which will allow fans to explore the imagery behind all of the games in the series released to date.

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