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SMH @ this GTA V Hydra stunt video

by: Nathaniel -
More On: Grand Theft Auto V

That's it, I'm mailing my GTA V disk to the army so they can nuke it or fire it into the sun.  I can't make it under a bridge in a helicopter without blowing up 100,000 times.  Meanwhile in this video, tweeted out by N4G, Venus & Nightmare (who are clearly some number of quantum-linked supercomputers from the inside of a black hole in another galaxy) take the new Hydra fighter jet through a series of evermoreinsane stunts.

I wasn't going to post this video until the very end.  I don't want to spoil but I'm going to anyway because they drift/spin/fly the Hydra backwards through that highway tunnel near Fort Zancudo.  I don't know who is wasting their life more, me or them. 

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