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5 Star Wrestling hits the PS3 tomorrow

by: Nathan -
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Years ago some passionate pro wrestling fans decided that they wanted to make a wrestling game. So they did, and that game is 5 Star Wrestling and it's hitting the PS3 tomorrow. What makes 5 Star Wrestling unique is that they wanted to share their vision of what truly makes a great wrestling game with the world.

Some of the features like finisher to finisher reversals and the limb damage system aren't even in the WWE games. The WWE games do have a limb targeting feature but it's pretty much only used to wear down body parts so you can easily lock in a submission. In 5 Star Wrestling, if you target the leg, and your opponent tries to use a move that utilizes their legs, such as lifting you in the air, the opponent will then collapse to the mat in pain. 

5 Star Wrestling also features a campaign challenge mode with 128 challenges and over 400 objectives. 

I got to check out 5 Star Wrestling at PAX East and I was very impressed with what the small team came up with. I absolutely loved the ideas they had and think it's really sad that WWE games don't even have these obvious features that a wrestling game should have. Oh well, maybe one day. 

5 Star Wrestling hits PS3 tomorrow for $24.99