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Mortal Kombat X reveals first official DLC

by: Jeremy -
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Well, it looks like my post about the addition of Jason to the Mortal Kombat X cast was a little premature. Had I waited a little bit longer, I could have gotten the rest of the story. Warner Bros. and Netherrealm have revealed that the horror icon is in fact coming to the game as a part of the Kombat Pack. The package, which is still in development, will feature 4 additional playable characters and early access to any DLC released in the future.

As far as the playable characters, Jason is the only one that is specifically named thus far. The official nnouncement the other three will consist of two klassic characters and another guest star (so don’t count Spawn or Predator out just yet). The pack will set you back $29.99... which is a bit steep for just 4 playable characters in my opinion, but in the end I will likely still pick it up. Purchasing the Kombat Pack will also net you a Samurai Skins pack with additional costumes for Kenshi, Kitana, and (now confirmed as playable) Shinnok.