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Windows 10 will have Xbox integration

by: John -
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One of the major news items coming out of GDC is that Windows 10 will have Xbox Live functionality built into the OS. So what can you do with it?

Well, how about streaming your Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC? A lot of companies are doing this now ranging from PC to PC and console to handheld. Microsoft will let you do it from console to PC. To help facilitate playing on the PC, a new wireless dongle will be released in the future to let you use your Xbox One controller on the PC, just like how the 360 had this option.

Since Xbox Live is integrated, you'll be able to chat with your Xbox Live friends from your PC as well as share and view game clips.

Something that Microsoft is trying again will be cross-platform gaming between a PC and an Xbox One. Shadowrun was their first attempt way back on the Xbox 360 and while that didn't really take off, perhaps developers can find some really interesting ways for PC and Xbox One folks to square off or play together.

Some of these features won't be there out of the box when Windows 10 ships, but it's a sign of things to come for those who are in the Microsoft ecosystem of gaming.