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The Ultimate Survivor Bundle for Dying Light will be available on March 10th

by: Nathan -
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The second DLC drop for season pass holders of Dying Light is coming soon and bring will three new outfits including a ninja, special agent and urban explorer along with four new weapon blue prints. The weapons include the buzz killer, the constable, the lacerator, and the nightclub. 

If you don't own the season pass, don't worry as there will some free content launching that day as well. If you thought Dying Light wasn't hard enough, a new hard mode will be added. Even on medium difficulty I found this game challenging as hell so I can't even imagine what hard mode will bring. Apparently hard mode will also bring more "realism" into the game so I am guessing that something close to one hit kills will be coming as well. 

The free update will also bring an additional weapon rarity tier, extra rewards for completing the game, more outfits and new weapons. 

Again, the bundle will be available to season pass holders on March 10th, or separately at $4.99. The content update will be free for everyone on all platforms.