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Sony's Project Morpheus coming first half of 2016

by: John -
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At GDC, Sony went into a lot more detail about their VR headset, Project Morpheus. What they showed off will be pretty close to what consumers will be able to pick up sometime next year.

Project Morpheus now sports a 1920x1080 panel that runs at 120Hz. For comparison, the Oculus DK2 (Crescent Bay actually has a higher resolution screen) has the same resolution but runs at 75Hz.

Sony added a few more LEDs on the headset, nine in total, to help with tracking using the PlayStation's camera. 

The design has been changed up a bit and it doesn't have an overhead band like a lot of the VR headsets out there. This one has a single horizontal band that sits at an angle on your head. Word is it's pretty easy to take off and pressure is more on top of your head rather than your face like the Oculus.

There's still no price given and this might not be the final consumer version design, but we'll get more information at E3.

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