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Mortal Kombat X is coming to mobile devices

by: Nathan -
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Mortal Kombat X is little over a month away and like with Injustice: Gods Among Us, MKX will be heading to mobile platforms. The game will be available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices next month and the game will be free to play. 

Just like the Injustice game, the console and mobile versions of Mortal Kombat X will feature cross connectivity and will feature exclusive rewards that can only be unlocked by playing both versions. For Injustice, playing the mobile game unlocked a Arkham City outfit for Harley Quinn and playing the console version would get you in game cash for the mobile version. I have a feeling that we will see similar rewards for Mortal Kombat X

NetherRealm Studios released a trailer for the game and while there wasn't much gameplay, it does look like it indeed will be another version of the Injustice mobile game and the WWE Immortals game that was released this past January. 

I played a lot of the Injustice mobile game when it was released years ago. Unfortunately, the game does get to a point where it is almost impossible to beat unless you grind for years or pay to unlock high powered cards. Either way, earning the rewards for the console version is pretty fast so you don't have to worry about grinding forever to get them.