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Dreamfall Chapters Episode 2 arrives March 10th

by: Sean Colleli -
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The critically acclaimed successor to The Longest Journey, Dreamfall Chapters, gets its second episode on March 10th. From the looks of this trailer it will continue the critically-acclaimed story driven gameplay and strong character development that the series is known for, and I'm especially interested in the fusion of Steampunk and Cyberpunk art styles they're using to build their world. Dreamfall Chapters has come a long way from the impressive tech demo I posted almost two years ago to the day. 


The new Dreamfall Chapters Book Two trailer arrives

New Dreamfall Chapters Book Two trailer!

Our brand new Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels trailer has finally arrived, and you can watch it on YouTube right now.

Launching March 10th, the second episode of our adventure saga continues the story that began in Book One and raises the stakes for protagonists Zoë Castillo and Kian Alvane.

The highly rated and Kickstarter funded follow-up to adventure classics The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, Dreamfall Chapters is an episodic story-driven adventure about choice and consequence set in parallel worlds: a cyberpunk vision of the future and a magical fantasy realm.

Book Two continues the story that began with Book One, and follows protagonists Kian Alvane and Zoë Castillo on their journeys to uncover the conspiracy that threatens the twin worlds of order and chaos.

In addition to revisiting locations and characters from Book One, Book Two contains a brand new city to explore: Marcuria, the capital of the Northlands, home to the Azadi occupying forces and the resistance.

See the new action-packed trailer on YouTube and buy the Dreamfall Chapters season pass on Steam to start playing Book One today.

For more information, please contact Red Thread Games at info@redthreadgames.com or visit http://www.redthreadgames.com

About Dreamfall Chapters
Dreamfall Chapters is the episodic follow-up to award-winning adventures The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey: a story-driven adventure about choices and consequences, dreams and reality, magic and science, chaos and order, and the broken heroes whose actions will shape the course of history in all worlds.

Set in parallel worlds ?? one a dark cyberpunk vision of the future, the other a magical fantasy realm ?? the game follows two broken heroes on their journey across worlds to save the very nature of dreams from the Undreaming. Dreamfall Chapters is a mature, emotional, dark, magical and heartbreaking adventure that will take you by surprise.

With a brand new storyline, Dreamfall Chapters introduces new players to The Longest Journey Saga, while returning players will get the conclusion they have been waiting for ever since the end of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

Dreamfall Chapters Season Pass is available now through Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.