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Vainglory releases new hero, meet Celeste

by: Rob -
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Super Evil Megacorp has brought out their newest hero for their iOS MOBA, Vainglory: Celeste, a mage who commands the power of the stars. Celeste follows Arden, another new character who was released at the beginning of the month, and is the second of the three new characters whose stories are interwoven in the game's lore. 

Celeste is described as a "fragile" character but can lay down some major crystal damage from the furthest edges of combat. Her Solar Storm will travel to the edge of the map and strike any enemy in its path. Basically a ranged mage that is a great support for other characters but will be overmatched if caught in the middle of a brawl. 

Celeste is available now in the latest update on the App Store. The update also brings some other in-game improvements such as communication pings, follower notifications, other matchmaking improvements, and assorted bug fixes.  Full details as well as some backstory is available on the Vainglory website, and the Hero Spotlight for Celeste (which shows her abilities and some strategies) is below.